Every effort has been made to make our
poop bags Eco-Friendly and
Environmentally Sustainable as possible.


Why DooRightTM?

Did you know that a plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to fully degrade?

Our eco-friendly bags dissolve in as little as 24 months! Our poop bags were created to help care for the environment and have received the ASTM 6954–04 designation. Oxo biodegradable plastic is intended to address the environmental problem caused by plastic waste which gets accidentally or deliberately into the open environment.


Product Features

  • Truly Earth & Eco-friendly
  • Our bags were specially designed to be eight layers thick on the bottom leaving no mess.
  • Breathable Bags - Moisture and bacteria do not collect inside
  • Easy to pick up the poop
  • The best bags you can find anywhere!
  • 100% thicker so they won’t rip, tear or leak when in use
  • Easy to open and easy to close
  • They are so good that we dare you to compare ours with the competition!
  • Extra-large size to get the job done with one bag
  • Floral rose scent to make your dog’s poop smell like roses
  • Opaque so you don’t have to see what you’re picking up
  • Low-cost with the highest quality
  • Our eco-friendly bags meet the gold eco-certification standard ASTM 6954-04