Every effort has been made to make our poop bags as eco- friendly and environmentally friendly as possible.

From our recyclable paper core, recyclable box, logo free bags, so less inks get dumped, and bags that break down in as little as 24 months!

Our bags were specially designed to be eight layers thick on the bottom leaving no mess, as opposed to many of our competitors whose bags are only two layers thick.

The bottom of our bags are round versus flat. Both the thickness of the bag and the roundness of the bottom allows you to pick up the poop a lot easier.


“I love the light rose sent. It is very nice not to smell the poop after picking up after my dog. I also like the fact that they are eco-friendly”

-Summer (Minnesota, USA)

“I love your eco-friendly poop bags. They're larger than the other bags that I have previously used and they're easy to open. I also love the rose scent. Other dog owners have actually asked me what was the perfume I was wearing so I turned them onto your poop bags! Thanks a lot”

-Janice (Illinois, USA)

“I love your eco-friendly poop bags and that you care about the environment and about our animals. Thank you for making contributions to various animal shelters”

-Gilbert (Oregon, USA)