“This is an excellent product and environmentally sound. Pleasant scent, good size and very strong. Will look for them in the future when I begin to run out”

-Patti B. (New Jersey, USA)

“I love the light rose sent. It is very nice not to smell the poop after picking up after my dog. I also like the fact that they are eco-friendly”

-Summer (Minnesota, USA)

“I love your eco-friendly poop bags. They're larger than the other bags that I have previously used and they're easy to open. I also love the rose scent. Other dog owners have actually asked me what was the perfume I was wearing so I turned them onto your poop bags! Thanks a lot”

-Janice (Illinois, USA)

“I love your eco-friendly poop bags and that you care about the environment and about our animals. Thank you for making contributions to various animal shelters”

-Gilbert (Oregon, USA)